Dear Son,

I cant sleep for a continuous eight hours without waking up in the middle of the night because you want to be be hugged and wail.I can’t watch television because you want cartoon network and E Junior. I can’t eat my favourite chocolate because I have to share it with you.I can’t use the iPad because there too you give me competition.I cant read a book because you get the horns when I do. I can’t talk on the telephone because your little voice gets mighty then.I cant stretch and doze off on the couch because your little fingers keep poking me.I cant walk around the house without letting the tiny piece of your toy prick my foot.I cant leave the house clean because you drop bread crumbs soon after.I cant sit on the laptop because you begin nudging just then.I can’t escape the restlessness of the nights you aren’t well.I cant be bothered about myself more than you.I cant decide not to cook.I cant cry out aloud.I cant escape playing with you even in utter boredom.I cant shop in peace because you start the tantrum show.I cant say no at most times.I cant even say yes at most times.I cant decide to leave it all.I cant scream out aloud.I cant wish to have it all rewound now…


The pricking toys, the running nose,the questioning eyes, the nudging fingers, the never ceasing demands, the wailing screams, the peeing on the bed, the dripping fingers,the dirty house,the uneaten chocolate,the incomplete telephone conversation,the unread book,the weary days and the sleepless nights..With all of that and more mess,each time I am granted a new wish, I’d wish to be just see this..Your mother.. For the  one call from you that wraps all the worlds’s joy and satisfaction in the one word..”Umma!”, I’d live for it a hundred times over.

I know I cant do many a things that I wish I could have.But I’d like you to know that despite all the cants, there I this one thing I CAN do,and that I can do unconditionally,love you more than any explanation I could offer,more than anything that could be made note of..

No complaint can be mightier than your melting eyes,





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  1. Syeda says:

    Super like for this article ………even I go through all this everyday …..but it’s worth it ………

    1. wailanajabir says:

      Thanks so much 🙂 The relationship between the mother and child is the only truth in the world.The rest is fabricated reality.

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