When Godsy heard.

When I decide I must write after a break of eight long months, I write with excitement. I start off from where I last left, God’s little angel-Godsy.


“I have seen sadness. I have seen torture,I have seen desperation, I have seen weakness. But most of all I have seen hope.”
The first time I saw two year old Godsy, I saw magic. Magic in those little eyes. Words would fall soft in front of their twinkle, the beauty of her smile, the brightness of her face. Godsy lived in a mute world of her own. She woke up to silence and took to bed, silence. She did not know the world around her was noisy. She was an angel that existed ,snug in the mute around her.
One year ago, Godsy’s father came to me desperate for some hope for their daughter who couldn’t hear since birth. The weary father would come tired after his meagre jobs at maintenance sites, heart broken because each day was taking away from them hope for their little angel who needed a cochlear implant at the earliest. The world around them was making it difficult to believe in a better tomorrow for Godsy. When all doors were closing louder behind each other, he came to me pleading for some help. I decide I must see their silent world. I decide to meet Godsy. And the moment I first met her, I decide, with all my heart and soul, I will not rest till Godsy is introduced to the fifth of her senses- the sense of sound.
The first few times I visited their home, Gosdy would look at me from behind her father. The next few times she would smile, her most beautiful of smiles and show recognition till came  times she would see me on the television screen and beam with excitement. I remember the day I was getting ready to leave when she pushed me backwards to sit comfortably on the sofa, ran to the door to shut it and waved a ‘No’ with her hand. I became a familiar face in her life. Little did she know, what a large portion of my heart, she soon occupied.
I cannot express with enough satisfaction and gratitude the feeling I carry with me today. Godsy received a cochlear implant a month back. My heart beams with a feeling much beyond and above pride, a feeling of beautiful bliss to know little Godsy can now know the sounds around her.
As the doctor fixed the instrument inside her ear and switched it on,in a fraction of a second, the three year old silence had broken. Godsy cried, cried louder, dug her head into her father’s hands and cried, frightened of the sound around her. The doctor explained it as one of the most common reactions in children her age. No matter how common he described it to be, it was the most overwhelming moments I had come across in the longest time.
Today, Godsy can hear sounds, all of which will sound the same to her till she learns to differentiate between them with the help of continuous speech therapy. A half an hour session of the therapy costs RO 7. I request all among you who can help in whatever way possible to kindly contact me.
I thank all those who helped. The Cochlear Company (Saha Medical Services LLC & Cochlear – Engineer Talal Bahbouh) after reading my story about Godsy voluntarily came forward and provided full support, including cochlear implant and related expenses; The Oman Ministry of Defence Hospital, its doctors, nurses and staff.; Many of my friends including this one person who has helped all my humanitarian endeavors but always wanted to remain anonymous.
 It is indeed a noisy world, but above all, it is a hopeful world.
-Pa, PM Jabir

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