#30to30:We are a story

Within us very day, some stories are born and some die. Some are big. Some,heavily small. None, inconsequential. I am named after a river in Hawaii, I remember Pa mention more than once. When the world was in a momentary quiet from quite a few issues in 1988, Pa looked gleamingly at his first born. He called her ‘Peace’. We are each, in reality,a series of stories strung together.

And thus the most captivating of human lives, I want to believe is being able to listen to these stories, entangle in them and find a piece of you in every one them.

Each one you meet will add to your story, take some bits of yours and make a new one and some become one with yours. Every single person  I have come across has influenced me in so many different ways to get to this thirty. Some have loved, some have gone, some stayed, some longed and some conquered. If each of us looked at our lives, we will find a narration that does not really belong to us and yet still hangs on. We want to forget some incidents, re-live some, crave for some. For whatever reason, such bits stay with us.

Some stories are straight out of the textbook. Perfect, just right and the only way it should have been. Some are the controversial sort. Unethical, wrong and stayed away from. Nevertheless, each have played its part. Each have been the rights at some point. And none, will ever come back with the same content.

As long as you live everyday, relish the stories that make you, break you and change you. For once today is gone, is gone. Tomorrow every bit that you break your head over, is again, nothing  but a story.


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